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About 8K

8K is a free basic learner's dictionary for Taiwan Mandarin Chinese.


  • Derived from the 2013 graded vocabulary (levels 1-5) published by The Steering Committee for the Test Of Proficiency-Huayu (SC-TOP)
    Note: 8K is not affiliated, connected or associated with SC-TOP or TOCFL, and SC-TOP does not sponsor, approve of, or endorse 8K
  • Definitions from the popular CC-CEDICT Chinese to English dictionary
  • Themes: Level 1 and 2 entries are grouped into areas that roughly correspond with the themes that are typically used to introduce these words in textbooks and phrasebooks: "Job", "Shopping", "Daily life", etc.
  • Filters: Limit search results to selected theme, level, or part of speech
  • Order search results by level, pinyin, hanzi, or part of speech
  • Search history
  • Optionally display seach results in plain text tabular format (CSV), for export to other applications
  • Runs offline in the browser, on mobiles and desktops

Ways to search:

8K search screenshot

  • Chinese characters (西瓜)
  • Pinyin with tone markers (xīguā)
  • Numbered pinyin (xi1gua1)
  • Toneless pinyin (xigua)
  • English (watermelon)
  • Related words: Get all vocabulary words containing a selected character of a word returned in a search result