Peace On Earth 101 (music video)

In the spirit of the Christmas season, a 1-minute appeal for Peace on Earth.

This is dedicated to the one I love.
Cuz when God blames me,
then I blame her
and she blames the snake,
then De Lawd put her under my thumb.
Yes De Lawd put her under my thumb.

Then we do the wiggle.
Then we do the squirm.
Then the fowl multiplied on Earth.
Splish, splash!
We was taking a bath.
But we still ain't clean.
Now the foul stink up all of the Earth.

Let's push this conflict to the edge,
cuz there won't be peace til we're all dead.
Drop one for the money.
Drop two for the show.
Let's drop that bomb!
Let's go! Let's go!

Running time:

1 minutes 1 seconds (1:01)

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